View Full Version : Inch vs. Pixel Precision

08-09-2006, 03:29 PM
I am wondering if the Pentaho Reporting tool (JFreeReport) supports inch precision layout. In other words, if I put a textbox or a label at 2.25 inches from the left margin, will the report print it at exactly 2.25 inches, or will it convert this value to the closest pixel (e.g. 96 pixel per inch)?

I have not found many reporting tool that supports inch precision, only pixel precision.

I played with the Report Designer and it looks like it will let you design in inches, but unless I am wrong, it converts the measurements back to pixel. Just like to confirm.


08-22-2006, 10:19 AM

a point in JFreeReport is indeed a 1/72th of an inch - if its not, it is a bug. (And currently, we have an issue on that in some configurations right now, which I have to look into.)

But the big plan is (unless bugs interfer) to have reliable length metrics in the report definitions.

Java's graphics output is vector based, so the resulting output will be as high quality as your output device can support. We dont draw to raster images before printing, as this is an evil thing(tm) on postscript printers. But all other Java reporting engines (Jasper and Birt) should behave in the same way, as this (vector graphics) is the natural way to create printed content for all Java applications.