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08-24-2006, 03:57 PM
Hi Frends,
I have a very basic question.
I am using Tomact5.5,Mysql 5.0,All the product listed here in
pentaho latest download.

Now I want to know if I want to run my report using MYSQl as database over Tomcat.

Do I need the professional version On BI as Its mentioned that
Data Integration feature is not there in open source BI demo.

Actually I manged to create a report through open source report
desgner with mysql jdbc connector (using mysql as database).

Then I was able to run the samples on tomcat using that Advanced
Installation Guide.

When I was creating the report I found one link in Report designer
itself named Publish.

So i just created a .Xaction file and a .xml file with that option.

Then I place these to files in pentaho-solution->sample->reporting
folder and restarted tomcat .

report icons are there showing up .But when I am clicking those
ones ,some errors not the report.

So should I need somw more chnges to do to work with mysql.

I did mysql database connectivity only at the time of creating
reports (report designer) .

So I want to clear my idea of doing web based reporting (excel
format)using my own database(tables).

What I need for doing this and how much it cost.

own database ,set of tables.

08-24-2006, 04:56 PM
I think all you need is the documentation actually.

I'm going to bet that you didn't get the mysql JDBC driver put in the right place in the platform. In our Getting Started guide available on sourceforge, there should be a nice chapter in there about integrating reports with your own data.

It covers the need to get the JDBC driver placed in the platform. To get you there quickly, you'll need to copy the mysql-connector JAR file into the jboss/server/default/lib directory. If it's not there, then it's not possible to talk to your database.

Oh yeah - we'd consider this to be the absolute most basic functionality.

I seriously recommend that you review all our documentation which is available online from Sourceforge. It covers material from getting started with the platform (for everybody) to the advanced developer that wants to extend the platform (component writers guide).

Take care, and I hope this helps,