View Full Version : BIRT Reports & session variables

08-30-2006, 04:40 AM

We are (in my project) using Pentaho-Demo 1.1.7 and was required to modify the way portlets present report information, that is:

- In the demo, reports are launched using the org.pentaho.ui.portlet.NavigationPortlet component. It is a menu of options and when click is made the filters are shown in a new window.

The needs we have:
- When option is clicked in the "toolbar" I need no menu (NavigationPortlet). I need the filter panel in the left side and the report window on the center.

We use BIRT for reports (easy to design and test).


I tried first to use a .xaction and positioning in the center panel of Portal. The filter of the report was shown succesfully but when I click to generate the page was realoaded and no report was generated, the filter was shown again.

My first question: is possible to make this??? Is there any option (into .xaction) to force report generation???

The next I tried was (following "dashboard" examples) to put filter panel on left and report window on center. The parameters of report window (theory) get the session variables from filter and assign to report parameters.

I had got two results:
1.- Filter .xaction without session variables (not defined in output/destination as session): the window refreshes and nothing happens with report.
2.- Session variables defined as options into filter .xaction: filter panel blank(???). Nothing happens.

The last test was to use jfree example (on dasboards) and works ok but we use BIRT :-(

Can anyone help me with this???

And another question (about Jboss Portal): is there a way to maximize panels on startup??? maybe another solution to my problems was to change the way options presents into NavigationPortlet (modifying xsl).