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08-31-2006, 08:54 AM

Just wanted to report a few small issues with the RDW RC in case you want to wrap them up for the release. Absolutely, none are anywhere near being a KO item. Platform is WinXP Pro with JDK/JRE

1) With a res of 1024x768 and the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the buttons at the bottom of RDW default main win are mostly covered from the task bar; maximizing the win is then fine. After a fresh install, it might be better to just issue a maxmize().

2) The browse button in the 'Publish Report to Location' dialog doesn't work.

3) The 'Location' is pulled from the settings.properties, but doesn't appear to be changeable inside of RDW.

4) Opening an existing xreportspec file doesn't restore(preserve) the "Grand Total" text.

5) The Watermark Image checkbox seems to always check itself. Anyway, it's state is not preserved when opening an existing xreportspec. Wouldn't it be more correct to uncheck and disable it, unless a filename is entered for the watermark, anyway?

6) The HTML preview (with data that easily fits on the screen) is about 10 pixels too thin. The right-most column content is cut-off.

7) Immediately choosing one of the Publish menu items w/o having defined anything, closes RDW. It be better to disable them until a report is defined.

8) Related to 7, the 'Preview as' menu item should likewise be disabled, when no report has been defined, othwise you get a NPE.

Like I said, none are earthshaking. I just wanted to help make a neat tool "neater".


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