View Full Version : BIRT in design studio

09-13-2006, 03:09 AM
Has anybody managed to integrate the BIRT eclipse plugin with the design studio full installation? We've got the other way around working, i.e. getting the action sequence plugin working in the BIRT 1.0.2 report designer "all in one". As far as we can tell we should be able to see the BIRT 'perspective' by just copying in the files and maybe start report designer with a -clean option?

Also plugging in both BIRT and the action sequence plugin into a fresh 3.2. eclipse doesn't seem to work for BIRT. Even when starting eclipse with the -clean option.

Is there any move to integrate the BIRT plugin with design studio? The pentaho demo installation works for BIRT 2.0.1. and we would like 1 ide for both creating reports and defining the action sequences to call them.