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09-14-2006, 06:27 PM
I'm building a sales dashboard and could use some help returning the correct drill down value from a bar chart. Given the method call below:

parameters.setParameter( "drill-url", "SalesDashboard.jsp?salesrep="+salesrep+"&month={SERIES}" );

Are there any other values I could use besides SERIES? For example, I want to return the month number instead of the series (which is Booked or Quota). The attached jpeg is a screen shot of the chart I have and from the tool tip you can see that the month is 04. How do I get it to return 04 when the user clicks on the bar?

Craig http://www.pentaho.org/components/com_simpleboard/uploaded/images/chart.jpg

09-15-2006, 06:50 AM
After a bit of sleep and a clearer head, I found the solution this morning. Changing the line to read:

parameters.setParameter( "drill-url", "SalesDashboard.jsp?salesrep="+salesrep+"&month={MONTH}" );[/b]

and adding:

parameters.setParameter( "SALESREP", salesrep );
parameters.setParameter( "outer-params", "SALESREP" );

parameters.setParameter( "MONTH", month );
parameters.setParameter( "inner-param", "MONTH" );

did the trick.