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10-14-2006, 02:10 PM
I have been playing around with different reporting engines and design tools. What I have settled on is BIRT because I can do the following things:

- changing attributes of report cells depending on complex rules

Really what I want to do is to colour a cell depending on the value of another value from the result set. From discussions here I understand that it is possible to extend JFreeReport to do this or to use the BeanShell to do dynamic colouring and attribute setting. So I guess I answered this part.

- a separate summary table, a separate crosstab table, and a main itemized listing table

As I understand it the current release of JFreeReport only has one table in the report, so having a separate summary table and crosstab table is not possible. Is this correct? Or is it just a limitation of the design tools which show a single simple table.

- is it possible to do crosstabbing?

Even in BIRT you can only do static crosstabbing, which is very tedious to set up each cell, but at least it is possible.

10-14-2006, 05:48 PM
Hey there,

Great questions, and we have answers, and a couple of questions too!

a- For traffic lighting, absolutely - that's actually built in. Check out the ElementTrafficLightFunction.

b- For crosstabbing, the Pentaho Platform has several solutions for that. First, we have the CrosstabComponent which will take data from one column, and turn it into multiple columns (i.e. a crosstab). For dynamically creating a JFreeReport definition, you can use template components and even Javascript components to accomplish this. For more details, see the following tech tip:

Part 1: http://community.pentaho.org/techtip/articles/dynamically_generating_cross_tab_report.php

Part 2:

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