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10-24-2006, 02:15 PM

We have been working on evaluating several reporting engines to implement our next reporting platform. We have setup Pentaho and very impressed by the capabilities but, having had trouble with installing from scratch and experimenting with the report design interface a bit, I wanted to ask the current users how they feel about the product.

I would appreciate if current users could comment on performance, stability and scalability of Pentaho open source project. Is there anyone heavily using it? Would it be able to handle let’s say 100 people running reports at the same time? If so what kind of configuration would be required, how is your personal experience, etc…

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11-03-2006, 07:20 AM
From an internal development perspective I can tell you that we have numerous large scale deployments out in the wild performing to satisfaction. Our initial focus on products was technology, architecture and platform functionality. This was the "make it possible" phase. We have been continuing to develop and refine tools which "make it easy". This is an area we are constantly trying to improve and any feedback is welcomed.

As far as performance goes, we have built an EAR for the pentaho deployment and have run in a JBoss cluster up to 5 nodes. We ran load a load generator against the cluster starting with 1 node and ramped up to 5. The results were nearly, if not exactly, linear, proving the platform would scale. In these tests we also measured performance of each request.

To directly answer your first question, yes there are customers heavily using Pentaho. Our performance testing gave each node around a hundred simulated users (might have been 70 users), but our cluster had several hundred users.

We presented our findings at JBoss World in June. The slides are available from JBoss at:


11-03-2006, 07:53 AM

Thanks for the post. Did you measure the performance on the open source platform or the professional BI suite?


11-03-2006, 12:09 PM
At the time of the testing the primary difference between the open and professional versions that would affect performance was the use of an RDBMS solution repository.
We ended up testing both, and in the end we reported on the open source side because the professional version had some issues with solution caching which negatively affected its performance in our test environment. So in the reporting for the JBoss World Conference presentation all of the data is from the open source platform.

This has not been revisited since May/June of this year.