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05-14-2002, 07:53 PM

I just released the next version of JFreeReport. This package includes
the bugfixes for the bugs reported in this forum. The parser now officially has a DTD for its XML-Files. A new function interface is granting access to the complete ReportDefinition and the current ReportState for all functions when an event occures.

A report can now include images from GIF, JPEG, PNG and WMF files. A new demo report definition is included to show some of the new features.
IMPORTANT: Group definition has slightly changed. Sub-groups now have to include all fields from their parents. Please read the changelog for more information on that.

Internally the huge constructors have been removed. All elements have now accessor methods to access its properties. The reports are now always fully initialized, so the change of hitting NullPointers should almost vanish.

Have more fun,
said Thomas

05-15-2002, 08:14 AM
Hi Thomas,

Good work! I've downloaded the files from SourceForge this morning, and written a short document describing how to get the demo running. I've put this file (INSTALL-0.7.2.TXT) on the SourceForge page...you might want to review what I've written.

Now I'm going to go and look at your latest changes more closely!