View Full Version : Documentation for 0.7.2

05-22-2002, 11:27 AM
Updated documentation is now available for JFreeReport version 0.7.2.

There are two versions:

(1) The 'free' version - contains instructions for downloading, unpacking, compiling and running the demonstration application, plus regenerating the Javadoc HTML files. I planned to add an introductory tutorial, but this hasn't been done yet. It will be included in a future version.

(2) The 'premium' version - contains the above, plus reference information for the XML report template file format and the classes in JFreeReport. Available for purchase via Kagi, there is a link on the JFreeReport home page.

My thanks to those that have already purchased a copy (or site licence) for the documentation...you are entitled (and more than welcome) to download the updated version.


Dave Gilbert