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06-09-2002, 03:35 PM
Hi everybody.

JFreeReport 0.7.3 is out in the wild. Packages can be found at sourceforge.
Some of the highlights are:

* The Reports PageFormat is (finally) passed to the PreviewFrame.
* Printing is done using the Printable interface of java.
* PDFWriter is able to embedd the systems TrueType fonts in the generated
pdf files.
* TrueType fonts are collected from the system font path, if detected.
* Support for Unicode string in generated output
* JFreeReport has proven to generate a 200.000 Record file, resulting
in a 60Megabyte pdf. This Demo is included in the package, all you need
for it is space and time.
* The preview frame is much smarter now, allowing better navigation.
* DataHandling is done by a new interface allowing the removal of most
text element classes. The unneeded classes are now deprecated.
* Access to ReportProperties is better regulated
* JFreeReport is completly localized
* The demo application can be started using a jar file.

Have more fun,

said Thomas

06-09-2002, 06:04 PM
Good work Thomas...I'm catching up with the JFreeChart documentation right now then I'll get straight on to this new version of JFreeReport.