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06-10-2002, 10:46 AM
i download jfreereprt-0.7.2 from this site, and read jfreereport.pdf file
but i did not run jfreedemo.java file.
so plz help me how can i run demo file and how can i use jfreereport in my program.
give me deatail where i can get example of using jfreereport and deatail documatation.
i hava urgent requirment for that product.
so plz help me for that.

06-10-2002, 05:21 PM

to run the demo have a look at

The document describes how to install jfreereport to get the demo up and
running. When using version 0.7.4 (released today), you will also get a
jar file loader for simplified starting of JFreeReport. After following the
instructions of unpacking the libraries, just start "java -jar start-demo.jar"
to run the demo.

Inside the resource jar file
you will find the xml definitions that make up the demo. The definitions
are located in the com/jrefinery/report/demo directory inside this jar.
The report definitions used are the files report1.xml to report4.xml.
The structure of the report definitions is defined in the file
report.dtd in the root of the resource jar file.

This dtd is valid in the terms of W3C-XML-standard Version 1.0, if you use
a sophisticated xml editor it is easy to let the editor check your definition
against the DTD. If you have no editor yet, I would suggest you have a look
at BEA's xml editor (http://developer.bea.com/resourcelibrary/utilitiestools/xml.jsp?highlight=utilitiestools).

Oh, and please upgrade to version 0.7.4 if possible, many bugs in 0.7.2 were fixed in this release.

Have more fun,
said Thomas