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08-08-2002, 02:46 PM
This message is to unify two related discussion threads.

In my opinion, the nice JFreeReport feature of defining data from a TableModel cripples itself by the restriction of having equal height bands. While I did post a quick hack to get around this limitation, which taqua included in the cvs (thanks taqua), that hack doesn't suffice, for instance when you want the report to be in a grid.

Setting parameters of RectangleElement is not the way to go, I think. Most people want a grid, and not rectangles around the elemtns which may be of different height.

Implementing variable height bands shouldn't be that difficult, it just means making two passes through the data, the first to compute band heights, and the second to print. Actually, once two passes are implemented, a number of other features will be very easy to implement.

One more thought - to carry the nice idea of defining data from a table model one step further, a default report definition which prints the table data out as a table would be really nice. The report figures out everything from the table model. See my sample code in the thread on getting boxes around table elements.
Add to this a simple GUI report designer to add some basic eye candy to this simple report, and you've taken care of the reporting needs of 70% of the people. I have working code for such a GUI report designer, but don't want to post it here. I'm also too strapped for time to go it alone. If anyone wishes to work with me on this, send email.


08-12-2002, 03:56 PM

the layout issue with all required changes is already on the queue for a long time. As soon as I'm finished with the expressions-implementation I switch to that. The plans are already done, I prefer the Java-Way of having a Layout-Manager to do the stuff. (Swing-Components have also a better way of assigning borders ot a component, I want to "steal" as much ideas as I can :) ).

This layouting is also headed to support multiple columns, and printing/layouting to multiple pages (as requested a long time ago).

A GUI designer is really needed, it would be great if you could keep on with this issue. Have you thought about a sourceforge project for the designer?

Have more fun,
said Thomas