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08-16-2002, 04:55 PM
I would like my Group Headers to repeat after each pagebreak within a Group. This will effectively repeat my coloumn header for the Group's table on top of each page. I couldn't find an obvious way of doing this. Am I just being blind? If not, is this planned for the future?

I could get much the desired effect by ditching Report Headers and Group Headers altogether and putting my coloumn header into the Page Header. I'd prefer not to, especially since I may want to have several Groups in the same Report and they couldn't all share the same coloumn header.

Bent D

08-19-2002, 04:26 PM

two words: is Planed :)

The layouting design is to be started during this week, expressions are almost complete, some other bugs have to be fixed and then let's rock'n'roll :)

A repeating groupheader is one of the features to be implemented, a more flexible band-layout and support for multiple columns, and reports which are multiple pages wide is also to be implemented. ...

Have more fun,
said Thomas

11-27-2002, 04:12 PM
Hi Thomas,

repeating the group headers would be nice for us too. Is this available by now?