View Full Version : Please Solve Multiline Problem !

09-09-2002, 09:36 AM
I read in may of ur replies that multiline problem is solved by using Text Element by setting the dynamic properyty to " True" but i dont know why it didnt work .

More over there is Multiline-field tag which is not reacting in the way it should , i mean i didnt notice any difference in Multiline and String field.
as even string field when increaded the width it performs just like multiline.
I had read in ur replies that text elements is working properly but i didnt found the tag (used in XML file) for Text Element , can u please me how to specify text element tag in xml file.

I will be really gratefull if u provide me the perfect solution for this Multiline problem.

Please i again repeat the problem i am facing

1) Multiline is cooming in the report but unnecessary space are inserted (
Row are left blank) when description is not so long.

I can try later with printing issue but currently for me this is a hot problem,if this is not solved i have to go for java reports .