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01-24-2006, 04:14 AM

What exactly does this mean for commercial users? Will there be a free version with all non-GUI features available, or will newer features only be available under a commercial license?
Let's say I'm creating a commercial Report Designer. Is there some kind of guarantee that I can embed the JFreeReport Engine (without Pentaho GUIs/Wizards) into my product without having to pay license fees to Pentaho? Or will the license be changed to a dual licensing scheme (from LGPL to GPL for non commercial users + proprietary license for commercial users) even for enhancements in the reporting engine (like lookahead in layout)?

(I did read the FAQ, but I'm not sure what "In the future, Pentaho will also add capabilities to better support larger deployments that will be available as part of a commercial license." exactly means)

Will the GUI classes in JFreeReport (Preview dialog) + ReportPane still use Swing/Java2D in future releases or will this be changed to SWT?


01-24-2006, 05:12 AM

JFreeReport will remain opensource under the LGPL. If you're creating a report designer (and hey, that would be cool!), you have all the rights the LGPL grants you. You can safely embedd JFreeReport in your applications, use it for what ever you want and dont have to pay licence fees to Pentaho.

"In the future, Pentaho will also add capabilities to better support larger deployments that will be available as part of a commercial license."

This sentence is perfectly tailored to the Pentaho Pro Plattform. The Pentaho Plattform is an OpenSource BI infrastructure. It provides all the services needed for an BI server, like workflow and scheduling, dashboards and so on and will use JFreeReport as primary reporting engine (while the other ones stay there as alternatives).

That plattform is opensource as well and can be used freely without paying licence fees to Pentaho. The 'Pentaho Pro' Plattform enhances that core code with better support for clustering and large scale deployments (installation and management, for instance). These features are not needed to do Business Intelligence, but make the life easier for commercial users.

These features do not affect JFreeReport as embedded report engine. New features for the reporting engine will be LGPL features.

The only major changes that will happen are:
- Pentaho will add more GUI tools to JFreeReport (report designers and so on)
- Right now, they are writing some up-to-date documentation for JFreeReprot
- Development speed will greatly increase, as I do not longer have to work for commercial projects. Now I can fully concentrate on bringing JFreeReport to the top.
- JFreeReport will be renamed to 'Pentaho Reporting'

The GUI classes provided in JFreeReport are definitly an important part of JFreeReport. They will not be removed, relicensed or something else. I will add SWT support (as alternative to Swing) as part of JFreeReport-ext (I dont like SWT, but there are users out there who want it. And surrendering that field to Jasper and Birt is a no-no :) ).