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03-01-2006, 03:05 AM
My company holds valid licence for JFreeCharts.We are thinking to use JFreeReports .For that do we need to buy another licence.Or can we with the same licence that we got for JfreeChart

03-01-2006, 06:40 AM

JFreeReport, as JFreeChart, is free and opensource software. Our licence (the LGPL) allows you to use these programms free of charge and free of any restrictions. So you do not have to buy a licence to use our software, as you already have the right to do what you want with our software.

The only restriction, the LGPL imposses on you, is, that you have to tell your users that your product contains software, that is licenced under the LGPL and include the full text of the LGPL (so that users know what rights they have). If you modified JFreeChart and/or JFreeReport, you are required to make the sourcecode of modified versions of our libraries available to your customers. The LGPL does *not* require you to make your complete programm opensource again, but it requires you to release all changes, you've made to the LGPL-Libraries you used, as OpenSource again.

David sells copies of the JFreeChart manual. But the manual and the library are two different things - thnk of it in the way of downloading a linux distribution and buying a book about linux. In a egal sense, those two actions are totally independent from each other.