View Full Version : Just installed Mondrian for the first time.

10-31-2003, 06:28 AM
Not much experience with Java, but a good deal of experiece with dbs. And I was the programmer to introduce OLAP (Analysis Services) at my company. And have always been interested in looking farther afield re: OLAP functionality.
Downloaded and installed everything for Mondrian 1.0.1. And have it running in the Web page etc.
A couple of questions. The build (from source) failed repeatedly. Inspecting the error messages, I saw that I was missing ServletContext. Eventually figured out that it was in servlet.jar underneath Tomcat, and fixed the problem by copying this one jar to c:\mondrian-1.0.1\lib.
Did 'build all' and this 'seemed' to build everything, but I'm under the impression that the final output should be c:\mondrian-1.0.1\lib\mondrian.war. Which I did not find after what appeared to be a successful build.
The I discovered the file was in the mondrian ZIP anyway and simply copied this to TOMCAT_HOME\webapps and things now run.
What may have been the problem with my own build of the .war file? Or are some of my assumptions wrong?
Also (on a considerably different note), is it perhaps possible that with simply the correct connection string that I can get an Office XP Excel PivotTable pointed to the repository (and then browse it)?