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01-01-2006, 05:52 PM
Attachment: job example.PNG (http://forums.pentaho.org/archived_att/kettle/job example.PNG) I'm trying to run Chef on WIndows XP and am getting an error (included below) when I launch the batch file. (using the java -jar method rather than the kettlew method which doesn;t work for me at all). Spoon runs great for me (also using java -jar rather than kettlew) so I'm not sure what the issue is here.

C:\Program Files\kettle>Chef.bat
Load properties for Chef...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument cannot b
e null
at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(SWT.java:2926)
at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(SWT.java:2865)
at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(SWT.java:2836)
at org.eclipse.swt.graphics.ImageLoader.load(ImageLoader.java:124)
at org.eclipse.swt.graphics.ImageDataLoader.load(ImageDataLoader.java:18
at org.eclipse.swt.graphics.ImageData.<init>(ImageData.java:327)
at org.eclipse.swt.graphics.Image.<init>(Image.java:651)
at be.ibridge.kettle.chef.ChefGraph.loadImages(Unknown Source)
at be.ibridge.kettle.chef.ChefGraph.<init>(Unknown Source)
at be.ibridge.kettle.chef.Chef.addTabs(Unknown Source)
at be.ibridge.kettle.chef.Chef.<init>(Unknown Source)
at be.ibridge.kettle.chef.Chef.main(Unknown Source)

C:\Program Files\kettle>

I've got several JRE's installed including 1.5.0_06 and 1.4.2_05. Anything else I can look at to give you more information?

01-02-2006, 05:28 AM

This problem is caused by the absence of the new Secure FTP icon.
The icon is available in the source code under SVN, but somehow isn&#39;t being copied into the kettle.jar file by the build process.

In any case, Chef shouldn&#39;t tank on this so I added an error in the logging and a "dummy" icon in case one is missing. (X)

Grab the new kettle.jar file to update your Kettle distribution. (Documentation/Development packages)
The distribution itself will be patched tonight.

On kettlew: it wants to find javaw in your path and takes the first it finds
Is the "java -jar" option something we can build into the distribution, it sounds nice. I once tried to get it running, but failed.
The idea was to include a small spoon.jar, chef.jar, ...

Thanks for the detailed report!


01-02-2006, 09:28 AM
Chef works now which is great :)

By the java -jar method what i meant was:

instead of the kettlew line
kettlew %OPT% be.ibridge.kettle.chef.Chef %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

i&#39;m using the java line. I thought i remembered seeing a -jar in there ;)
java %OPT% be.ibridge.kettle.chef.Chef %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Now to figure out how to use Chef and get a full job set setup so i can automate this Data update :)

01-02-2006, 10:03 AM
Attachment: job example.PNG (http://forums.pentaho.org/archived_att/kettle/job example.PNG) OK good news,

As for the -jar option: it&#39;s only possible to start one application per jar.
However, perhaps it&#39;s possible to start a Kettle "Launcher" application that allows you to start the applications.

Kettlew because it eats the console also eats the console messages. I will improve upon this later in Eclipse style ;-)

Creating a job is easy:

1) drag "Start" onto the canvas
2) drag a job entry onto the canvas and specify parameters
3) connect the job with a hop (job hop) using middle button or shift drag.
4) Specify the type of job hop: unconditional, result=true or false

See an example job image in attachement.
This is a job that&#39;s created using the "Copy tables wizard"

I will be releasing a Chef manual shortly, but there are other more urgent matters at the moment :-((



01-03-2006, 05:46 AM
I figured it was bacsicly the same as spoon, I just couldn&#39;t figure out the Shift-drag or middle click to create the connections.

Awesome :) i&#39;ll have to finish up my full job stream tonight :)