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03-27-2006, 05:40 PM

Is it possible to insert a Null value with the Add constants step? I'm trying to create a BigNumber field with a null value by leaving the Value field empty (instead of a 0, it has a different meaning in my application) but I get the following exception:

2006/03/27 21:16:38 - Add constants macro_data - ERROR : Couldn't parse BigNumber field precisionnum[img]/wiki/images/newpage.gif ("")[/url] with value <u></u> -->java.lang.NumberFormatException

I'm also trying to use the Null if step, by specifying a constant number to turn to Null, but it doesn't seem to work (the field keeps the number I gave it in the Add constants step).

Any ideas? Is it possible to set a null value for a BigNumber field?

Thank you

03-27-2006, 08:36 PM
Actually, it&#39;s an oversight: I forgot to do null values in the Constant step.
Sorry about that. I&#39;ll add a feature request and implement this later today.
The build system is down, but you should be able to get a development build later this week.

The workaround is perhaps simple at the moment: put 1 in the BigNumber
Then put a javascript after it that says: Field.setNull();

Thanks for the feedback!


02-01-2011, 12:12 PM
Hi Matt,

Is this feature available in Kettle 4.0.1? Thanks.