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12-18-2006, 09:09 AM
Today Pentaho released the first milestone of (http://www.pentaho.org/news/releases/20061121_web_based_ad_hoc_query_and_reporting.php) “Pentaho metadata” as a new core utility to make the life of BI professionals yet a little bit easier.
http://www.kettle.be/images/metaeditor.png (http://www.kettle.be/images/metaeditor.png)
As you can see in the screenshot of the Pentaho metadata editor above, we offer a solution that bridges the gap between the worlds of the relational databases and business information. Here are a few of the key points that differentiate Pentaho metadata from the competition:

Completely open
Released under an open source license (Mozilla Public License v1.0)
Persisting in the Common Warehouse Metamode, a recognised industry standard, potentially allowing for easier interoperability with 3rd party tools
Providing an easy-to-use java API with samples for the construction of metadata consumer applications (reporting, olap, mining)
Introducing “Concepts”
Allowing model elements to inherit metadata properties
Concepts have a hierarchy allowing them to inherit properties from other Concepts.
Concepts are very flexible and easy to set up and maintain metadata
A new and flexible property system
With out-of-the box 20 pre-defined properties ranging from aggregation rules to security information
With 15 property types ranging from colors and fonts to localized stringsBesides this, we obviously also do the expected things like:

“Cost based” SQL query generation from the business views based on a user selection
Store and retrieve localized model element names, descriptions and comments
Describe relationships between business tables and in general do the mappings to the physical layer.In the (near) future our architecture we will be able to evolve into these domains:

Dynamically generate Kettle transformation for the users (in-line ETL) to combine information from multiple data sources or even file based sources.
Store ETL information on field and table level to allow us to backtrack the origin of user-selectable fields.
…With this blog entry I would like to take the opertunity to invite all interested people & organisations to help out with the further development of Pentaho metadata. Because Pentaho metadata is far from complete or finished and there is always so little time to implement all the cool features, everyone is obviously welcome to chip in!
I also hope you enjoy using the tool as much as I enjoyed writing it. (which is a lot!)

All the best,
P.S. Make sure to also check out the new Pentaho Web-based Adhoc-Query and Reporting tool (WAQR) that goes with the metadata layer.
P.P.S. If you’re using Mondrian OLAP and took the time read all the way to the bottom, you deserve an easter egg: CTRL-ALT-O

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