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12-21-2006, 04:01 PM
We've made a new release of Weka 3.4 (= 3.4.9) and a new development release (= 3.5.4).

Weka 3.4 is the version compatible with the 2nd edition of the data mining book.

The development release is for those people interested in the latest features:

- new MDI GUI replaces GUIChooser
(more tools/visualization available through the GUI now)

- new XML-based, feature-rich file format: XRFF
(in addition to the ARFF features, the format can store
attribute/instance weights, class attribute information)

- new file converters
~ TextDirectoryLoader (for text mining)
~ LibSVMLoader/Saver (the libsvm format)
~ XRFFLoader/Saver (the new XML-based format)

- Experimenter processes now more file formats than just ARFF
(C4.5, CSV, libsvm, binary serialized instances, XRFF)

- classifiers, filters, etc. process now more file formats than just
ARFF (see Experimenter)

- classifiers can output the distribution now for each instance
like the Explorer
option: -distribution (in conjunction with -p)

- classifiers can generate a train/test split now based on the
input file like the Explorer
additional options: -split-percentage, -preserve-order

- introduction of meta-clusterers: the FilteredClusterer is the first

- incremental clustering now possible: Cobweb utilizes this

You find the download links for these releases on the Weka homepage:

Please note:
- you need Java 5.0 to run the development release
- documentation for the releases is also available on the
WekaDoc Wiki:

The Weka Team