View Full Version : Can't Align text correctly in JBoss Portal

01-19-2007, 04:42 AM
Using the RC3 demo as a build platform, I am attempting to build a list of items from a database and display those on my portal. I am using Pentaho Report Designer 1.1.17 build 19. I then publish the report as an html report to my solutions directory. The report looks good in the reports designer as well as Eclipse. The text in both those tools is aligned to the left. However, when I implement the xaction as portlet/instance in my portal, all the text becomes right justified. Looking in the <report>.xml, I see that my alignment is set correctly to left. Where portal alignment being set? I know there must be a CSS somewhere; however, when I look a the source for the browser, the css for that part of the page is set to tmp_<somebig number>.css and I am not sure that is generated from. I want all my text left justified all the time, so if I have to change a css someplace that will not be a problem.