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Pappyn Bart
01-22-2007, 07:40 AM
We must get one thing straight : regressions tests - except for paralleltest - are using
only one thread. All other tests are not multi threaded.

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I think a debugger won't work because debugging multi-threaded apps is really really difficult.

I did a code review but couldn't work out where it came from. I assume the thread ID is positive and unique so that if the same Thread object is attached to an underlying os thread it won't be doing the same thing, otherwise the == operator would fail. The only thing I'd do differently is wrap the try {} finally bloc in the RolapResult around more than just the evaluateBody() method because the axes get evaluated out of it. But the bug doesn't come from there.

Oh and you might get conflicting data because in one MDX query we can open and use multiple JDBC Connections. Should use a ThreadLocal to keep the open connection and re-use it.


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