View Full Version : Please add more flow of control constructs to xactions

02-06-2007, 05:58 PM
Hi all,

I'm discovering the power of xactions, and want to know if there are any plans to expand the functionality of the control constructs, esp. the conditional ones.

The "If" action is nice, but does not define an "elseif". Of course, one can work around it, but it's kludgy.

Same for a "case" or "switch" construct: that now ends up as a bunch of unrelated "If"s.

It would also be good to have some sort of "break" construct or maybe even a "jump" or "goto" like thing. I know that these kinds of constructs will be frowned upon by programmers, but somehow I feel that for these type of high level process descriptions, it is quite natural to do a jump here and there (like a "Finish" button in a wizard lets one skip the subsequent optional steps).

It would be even more important to add some sort of "catch/try" actions, or maybe to extend each type of action to proceed to an "escalation" or "exception" action in case of a particular error.

I can imagine that you probably could program most of it yourself in javascript, however that defeats the purpose of a graphical process design tool.