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Fred Penz
02-20-2007, 02:00 PM

I am actually working on a Java application parsing xmla envelopes from
Microsoft Analysis Services to display cube reports.
The application works fine at the moment, but we would like to extend it to
work with Mondrian as well.

I contact you because I am undergoing problems parsing Mondrian responses.
It seems that "xmla", the name used to bind
namespace, is quite sensible.
Indeed, according to W3C namespace constraints:

All other prefixes beginning with the three-letter sequence x, m, l, in any
case combination, are reserved. This means that:


users *SHOULD NOT* use them except as defined by later specifications

processors *MUST NOT* treat them as fatal errors.

This does not mean it is wrong to use any namespace starting with "xml", but
as said before, some problems may be raised...
As for example, org.jdom parser throws this message when trying to parse one
of your envelope:
The name "xmla" is not legal for JDOM/XML Namespace prefixs: Namespace
prefixes cannot begin with "xml" in any combination of case.

As for Microsoft side, there is no problem as they use "m" for binding this


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