View Full Version : Graphic Data x Query Result

02-23-2007, 02:24 PM
I am building a dashboard, and have a xaction and .xml definition. In that .xaction, I have this query:

[SELECT tb_data.nm_mes as mes, tb_data.id_mes, sum(extract(epoch from tb_uso.hr_logout)-extract(epoch from tb_uso.tm_hora))/3600 AS uso
FROM tb_uso INNER JOIN tb_data ON tb_uso.dt_data=tb_data.dt_data
WHERE tb_data.id_ano = {ANO}
GROUP BY tb_data.nm_mes, tb_data.id_mes
ORDER BY tb_data.id_mes

I need to show in graphic the column returned TB_DATA.NM_MES as domain and USO as range. But, I need to order these records by TB_DATA.ID_MES.

This is working, but in graphics the column nm_mes is being used to name the domain and ID_MES and USO is being used as data. I just need the column USO.

I tried to use:


but it seems not to work.

Do you have some advice to solve this?

Thanks in advance.