View Full Version : XSL stylesheet for Mondrian XMLA

03-01-2007, 08:20 PM
I needed to transform the MDDATASET responses from Mondrian's XMLA but I did not want to use java and Microsoft's XSL stylesheets (xamd.xsl and xamd2.xsl) would not parse the XMLA correctly (amongst other problems).

So, I took MS's xamd2.xsl and made the necessary changes. I've tested the xsl with a variety of MDX queries and they all format correctly, though I'm sure there is something that can screw up.

So, if someone else needs this, have at it. As this forum didn't like the xsl file extension, I've appended ".xml" to the filename (remove it...).


PS: The XSL stylesheet is meant for processing unwrapped XMLA, so if you're using SOAP (like me) remember to strip out the SOAP wrapper.