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03-07-2007, 01:58 PM
Welcome to the forum for Galician Language translation, internationalization and discussion of the Pentaho BI Platform.

This is the official place to check for collaborators when you undertake a Galician contribution effort for the platform. You can ask questions, or just send your own your contributions, suggests and comments. Because the goal is that we can develop a bussiness intelligence open source project in Galician Language all together.

The first steps to begin the translation process are available in http://www.pentaho.org/download/ga.php. Here you can find an Internationalization Guide.

Welcome to the Pentaho Community!

Juan Barco
Sinnexus (http://www.sinnexus.com)


Benvidos ao foro para a traducción de Pentaho ao galego.

Este é o sitio oficial onde buscar colaboracións para participar na tarefa de traducción e adaptación da plataforma Pentaho ao galego. Aqu