View Full Version : Combine the Insert/update and Update Steps

03-13-2007, 06:06 AM
Hi Matt,

We have been using 2 steps Insert/Update and Update till now.
I have some possible design layouts for the Insert/update step


What I would like to suggest is a single feature in which the following 3 options are given :-

1) Perform only insert operations

2) Perform only Update operations

3) Perform both Insert and Update Operations

I hope that this feature will be a useful one if added because,

1) code reusability can be done in the mappings
( we are having a set of conditions for insertion to take place )
and a subset of those conditions for an update to take place so we are
using 2 steps.


Put a dialog box where we put all the conditions for an insert operation only to take place

Put a dialog box where we put all the conditions for an update operation only to take place

Include an option for allowing both insert and update to occur for a set of conditions mentioned in the INSERT dialog box



03-14-2007, 09:38 AM
Having them split up as now is the case makes the "update" step a bit faster... need for legacy support (people already using the 2 steps)... I would categorize this maybe as nice to have, but no urgent need.

The idea would work, but your reasoning is slightly off. If insert/update and update would be combined you would only have 1 set of conditions not 2 for insert/update. How e.g. the insert update now works is ... check if row exists (based on your "conditions"), if it exists update else insert (there are no 2 conditions).
Making insert and update active in 1 step (as you seem to imply in layout 2) at the same time using separate conditions seems very confusing. K.I.S.S.