View Full Version : [Mondrian] adding warning support to Mondrian's Connection/Query API

John V. Sichi
04-04-2007, 04:10 PM
olap4j would address this by inheritance from the warning support in
JDBC. Until that's available, would it be OK to add warning support to
the existing Mondrian API? Here's enough of a sketch for comment on
whether the addition is something people would approve of; if it is,
I'll send out a proper spec proposal at the Javadoc level.

Following JDBC:

- introduce MondrianWarning subclassed from MondrianException

- add getWarnings and clearWarnings methods to Connection and Query
(return List<MondrianWarning> instead of JDBC's linked list)

- implicitly clear warning queue on certain events (JDBC is fairly
specific here)

Here's a use-case. We would like to add a property
mondrian.rolap.ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery (similar to the existing
mondrian.rolap.ignoreInvalidMembers, which only affects schema
validation). When this property is enabled, missing members would be
replaced with the null member (same rule Zelaine added for schema
validation). This allows a saved report to be resilient to data
changes, even if it refers to members explicitly. MSAS 2005 introduced
a "missing member" mode for this:


However, we may want to let the user know that there's a mismatch with
what was requested at the time the report was saved. Posting a warning
at the point where we detect the invalid member would be easy if the
infrastructure were there.

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