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Thiyagu Palanisamy
04-25-2007, 09:50 AM
>> Also, you use member.getName().equalsIgnoreCase() in a couple of
I think you should use unique name, and use case-sensitive match similar
to Util.equals(String, String).


>> Is it possible to use a calculated member which does not belong to the
measures level as the default member? E.g. [Measures].[Foo].[Bar]. I
think so, and for this reason, the measure name in the schema file
should be fully-qualified and of the correct case according to their
case-sensitivity settings.

Pending on details about Measures Hierarchy.

>> Can you also add a couple of negative tests: what happens if the defn
the calc member is cyclic; where the default member of a cube or virtual
cube does not exist; and where the default member is of the wrong case.

Added tests to cover Negative conditions.
Have not added cyclic member test because its behavior is not altered by
Default Measure definition.

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