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John V. Sichi
04-25-2007, 07:12 PM
For eigenchange 9172, I've used admin rights to correct the Perforce
checkin comments mentioned below by Rushan.


/mondrian: optimize named set caching


MONDRIAN: address Zelaine's review comments on eigenchange 9156


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Subject: Re: Mondrian change 9156(and 9157) for review
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 15:59:40 -0700
From: Rushan Chen <rchen (AT) lucidera (DOT) com>
To: Zelaine Fong <zfong (AT) lucidera (DOT) com>
CC: John Sichi <jsichi (AT) lucidera (DOT) com>
References: <462EABE7.10802 (AT) lucidera (DOT) com> <462F9C1A.7030403 (AT) lucidera (DOT) com>

I am still getting used to working with changelist. Just submitted a few
files to Mondrian based on Zelaine's review but under an incorrect
changelist description. It should have read something like "review
comments for 9156"...Sorry about the confusion.


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