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05-02-2007, 04:44 PM
Hi All,

hope this is the right place to post these. Currently I'm using Pentaho Metadata editor v 0.7.1. I think the product can be improved by adding a number of features:

-Concepts Treeview: allow drag/drop of a node in the treeview (to move an entire branch to another parent)
-Concepts Treeview: add a "Delete concept" item in the context menu
-Connection/Import tables: in a MySQL jdbc connection (server: 5.1.17) it looks like only the base tables are imported - I think it makes sense to also import the views. With some imagination, stored procedures could equally well be listed as these can return a resultset too (although joining such a result should then be emulated inside the reporting layer)
-Allow queries (SELECT-statements) to define a physical table ('soft' views - would be nice for db's that do not support native views)
-Can't rename a concept - clicking a concept in the tree and then changing the name in the "The new name of the concept" textinput does not result in the name being changed (there is also no "apply" button to confirm the change). Suggest also an item in the context menu to rename a concept inline.
-default property "font" should be renamed to "font-face", and the font-size should be a new property. It makes sense to set the font-face once but change the font size depending on the concept.
-"Concept Properties"/"Value" is marked "double click to edit". On windows XP a single click is sufficient. In fact, a double click results in two dialogs to change the value.
-"Concept Properties"/"Value": Dialog to edit value pops up quite far from the grid. Would be nice to have it closeby or even to be able to edit inside the grid directly.
-Property Type of Default property "Mask For Number Or Date" should be "localizable String". Now, the default type is "String". One can choose "Localized String" but the property type is reset to "String" after confirming the addition of the new property. The workaround is to uncheck the "Use a default Property" checkbox, Enter a name in the textbox and choosing the "Localizable String" property type.
-"New Property" dialog: please put the textbox for the custom propertyname next to the "Use a default Property" checkbox, and set the focus to that textbox after unchecking the checkbox
-"Concept Properties": Occassionally it would be extremely useful to define the existence of a propery on a high level yet override only the value at a lower level. For example, I'm adding all surrogate key columns as concepts under the "Surrogate Key" concept (this is less strange than it may seem: I have several tables with the same "xxx Id" column - pk in one table, fk in the others. Also, not all "Id" columns are equal: some are tinyint, others smallint etc.). I already know I want to give each of them a localized name, so i define "Name/Localized String" at that level. Now I would like to be able to specify the actual values for the name one level lower where the actual "Surrogate Key" columns are defined. Another example: I have a "Temporal Type" concept and beneath that date, time and datetime. In the parent level I know I need a "mask" but the actual value for the mask can be defined only one level lower.
- Changing the concept of columns of physical tables is extremely exhausting. Right-click, dialog pops up, scroll in dialog, press ok. And so on and so forth. In itself maybe not so much work, but doing it for a couple of dozen columns really causes pain. Suggest projecting a dropdown list with concepts when clicking on the "Parent Concept" column in the treeview (I mean the treeview containing the connection, tables and columns). ALternatively (or in addition) keep the dialog with concepts open, and allow confirmation of changing the concept by double cllicking on the new parent concept (double click works, but dialog closes).
- Physical column properties dialog does not allow changing the parent concept. Please add a control in the dialog to change the concept.

So that's it for now - I'll probably stumble upon a few more.

Kind regards,

Roland Bouman