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Julian Hyde
05-08-2007, 01:00 PM
Shishir wrote:

We observed that if we do not specify any cell property in MDX, AS 2005
returns Value, FmtValue and
Format String as XMLA response. We would provide the same behaviour in
mondrian. i.e If a cell property is specified
we return that particular property in XMLA response. If none of the
property is specified, Value, FmtValue
and Format String will be returned.

Sounds fine.

The grammer for cell_property has reduction of
optional_cell_property_value or mandatory_cell_property_value or
provider_specific_cell_property. Can we need these reductions or can we
specify cell_property as compound_id
same as dimesion properties?

<Code Parser.Cup>
cell_property ::= compound_id;

instead of

<Code Parser.Cup>
cell_property ::= mandatory_cell_property
| optional_cell_property
| provider_specific_cell_property

You're right. Just use property_list, just like dim_props does.


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