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Julian Hyde
05-22-2007, 08:26 PM
Thanks. I logged a Feature Request for this.


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> If one uses the AggName element, then one MUST also
> specify ALL of the mappings using: AggFactCount,
> AggIgnoreColumn, AggForeignKey, AggMeasure and
> AggLevel.
> This in-schema aggregate table recognizer is
> "explicit", ALL information must be specified.
> On the other hand, the default recognizer does
> pattern matching and nothing has to be specified
> in the schema file.
> Here, we do not use the explicit aggregate table
> recognizer simply because there is so much that
> has to be specified. We built our own version of
> a default recognizer that matches what we want.
> In an earlier version of the documentation, the
> AggName element had no child elements but thats
> now been corrected - it always requires child
> elements (or it will not be very useful having
> identified no columns, levels, etc.).
> Richard

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