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06-15-2007, 11:30 PM
We’re smack in the middle of porting Kettle to a new API, version 3.0. So this is what it comes down to again…
Yep, you got it right. Refactoring is at times a very time-consuming thing to do.
It also is something that brings me back to the start of Kettle. You see, I have been doing this sort of thing a few times before with the Kettle codebase. I can for example remember the time when I changed the Java code from using if/then structures to using Exceptions to make error handling more transparent and to clean up code. There is something about going through hundreds of classes, fixing all occurences of a certain bad pattern, for days on end … it’s an acquired taste I have to say.
Anyway, the 3.0 porting of Spoon is well under way and I hope you can see the first results after the weekend.
Until then,

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