View Full Version : A few questions about Pentaho and JBoss portal

07-17-2007, 06:48 AM
Hi all,

I am building an application with Pentaho and i like the tool(s) !! Until now, I was able to solve my problems with the documentation and... the forums !! But I am a bit confused with the portal issue.

When I start the Pentaho server, if I then directly connect the portal, I can't get any content. The console tells me something like "ERROR [SolutionRepository] SOLUTION-REPOSITORY:Access to /pentaho-solutions/samples/(...)/R101listeEvals.xaction for operation 1 was denied.

I have to first log in Pentaho and then log in the portal. Is it a normal issue ?

Thanx for any comment/answer !


-----> Well, I found the answer : SSO !!