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mark rostron
08-30-2007, 01:34 PM
hi all
thank you for the product.
am attempting to install the pre-configured demo on centos4 linux using jdk1.5 (details in the doc).
i tried 1.6RC1 for both the hypersonic and mysql versions:
i attach zip containing word doc describing the issues, and also script output from both my attempts.

issues would be:

1. i have not got past the login/home page, because the images on the home page do not appear. not sure if i am missing a step to configure jboss or missing x-fonts for java ?

2. the getting started guide needs to specifically mention the pentaho-demo/data directory containing the config data for mysql - all of the session control exceptions stopped when i found this.

thanks for your time

09-06-2007, 11:17 AM

Thanks for taking the time to document the issues you had:

Login is not mentioned in the “getting started” guideWe recently added authentication to our open source version of the demo, so this hasn't made it into our docs yet.

What are the meanings of the different users?The demo app has four users setup by default to show action permission capabilities. Joe is the admin, and the others have various roles.

What is the structure of the demo application (data flow/structures/access paths)?
The home page of the demo app is a steel wheels dashboard, the menu on the top right contains links to the other major demo features:
Go, New Report - Links to our Metadata based Adhoc reporting app
Go, Solutions - Allows you to browse the many reporting, analysis, dashboard, and other miscellaneous actions
The first page looks like this
The stop-hypersonic script is missing (this is called from stop-pentaho.sh)The script is in the data directory.
The first page looks like this
What happened to the images and does this mean another configuration step for the pre-configured demo? Those images are of a dynamic dashboard. Looking at your log file, there seems to be an issue with hypersonic. Try starting hypersonic separately from starting the platform by going into the data directory and running "start-hypersonic.sh"
The first page looks like this
Is there any configuration of the mysql database required for the pre-configured demo?The mysql demo requires a MySQL db installed on the machine. You will need to run the SampleDataDump_MySql.sql in the data directory of the demo.

Hopefully this helps you get started!


10-25-2007, 12:09 AM
I had the exact same MySQL problem, and found that I had to go in and manually set the users created by the script to allow access from localhoast. That got me around the exact same SQL error I had.

I also am running on linux, (OpenSuse in my case.) and don't get as far as you do. After I log in I get errors relating to resizing 'Steel...'.

I think the scripts need to be tweeked for MySQL on Linux.

Jerry Leeper