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09-06-2007, 01:11 AM
Dear Kettle fans,
After a long period of bug-squashing and other frantic coding activities, we are happy to give you Kettle’s second milestone of version 3.0.0 (http://s3.amazonaws.com/kettle3/Kettle-3.0.0-M2.zip). (77MB zip file)
What has changed since M1?

New icons!! This is the first release to include a new set of icons and as such a fresh new look.
A new Mondrian Input step to read from Pentaho Analyses using MDX.
A new Regular Expression evaluation step
Access Input (don’t ask!)
Fixed / improved repository support
Improved database dialect handling (SQL Server .. problem and forcing identifiers to lower/uppercase)
Vast improvements to the clustering/partitioning engine (dynamic partitioning, etc)
A “Explore DB” button for quick access to your databases
A complete set of internal changes with respect to the “look & feel” of Spoon
A series of improvements to the Lazy Conversion algorithms
The remaining steps that where missing in M1 got ported
Of-course a host of bugs got fixed as wellWith this 3.0.0M2 release we’re setting another big step towards more stability and maybe a GA release in a few months. However, please refrain from using this version in production situations!
Enjoy it!
Help us out and report bugs over here (http://jira.pentaho.org/browse/PDI)

More... (http://www.ibridge.be/?p=66)