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10-09-2007, 10:09 PM
I'm digging the Report Designer tool, but have a few thoughts.

An ability to connect and disconnect from a database. It appears that once I've created a connection and built a basic query, I am automatically connected to the database the next time I open the .report file.
To be able to close a .report without closing the Report Designer application
The ability to save resultset data within the .report file. So once a query is processed, whatever rows were returned could be saved within the file. This would aid report development and allow for offline analysis of data. I assume this feature is somehow available for reports that are run in batch and posted to the BI Suite. I've found in other tools that it is very helpful to have the rows returned by a query saved within the file as a table, standing outside of the report. The "preview" feature in Query Designer essentially processes the query, so why not have that portion be a solid part of the UI, as the query resultset, which can be saved within the .report file?