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10-15-2007, 09:39 AM

after going through the requirements pages on the WIKI I have come up with two additional requirements for Pentaho dashboarding.

1. Action Sequence based Dashboards -
From what I understand, a dashboard on the file level would be a html page, plus a script page. But how would a dashboard be called or how to navigate to a dashboard within the Pentaho BI platform. The current solution of adding JSP-pages is IMHO not the best way. I would propose an action sequence based approach with a new dashboard action component, very comparable to the reporting component. The component would get the html and script files and output the dashboard code. This approach would have some nice advantages:

- Action sequences dashboards would fit better into the overall Pentaho architecture.
- Action sequences dashbords are part of the solution repository and no additional JSP pages are necessary
- Security can be set on the action sequence to decide if a user is allowed to see the dashboard
- Logic can be implemented to a dashboard execution e.g. initial setting of parameters, user dependent preselections, dynamically generated dashboards etc.

2. Cross tab widget -
So far only Pentaho Metadata based reports/widgets are mentioned, but I feel that there should be also some sort of OLAP/Crosstab widget to connect to Mondrian. There could be quite some interest in a simple crosstab reporting feature, which is not supported in JFreeReport or WAQR. The widget does not have to be a full fledged OLAP client, but some interaction would be great.

This post is meant to spark some discussion and community interest. Please feel free to add your comments and requirements.

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10-15-2007, 10:00 AM
Agree with both

Specially number 1; It would integrate with the other components. I would even like to see a higher layer ActionComponent that, instead of taking the html and script files as components, would pick the individual components and the desired layout, eg:

- Size: 2x3 ( 6 components)
- Comp1 - Widgets, parameters
- Comp2 - Widgets, parameters...
- Comp6

This would generate a simple dashboard with the same templating as the rest of the app and with a matrix-like component disposition. If we wanted bigger control, we would go for the DashboadComponent, if we wanted a quicker, faster to implement dashboard, we would go for the DashboardWizardComponet... Well, you got the picture :D


10-22-2007, 10:23 AM
I think a cross tab widget would be an excellent, my co worker recently got Access 2003(yes I know Office 2007 is out but he likes 2003) and the Cross tab functionality in that is excellent, just dragging column headers to a blank table shell.

Anyway thats my 2 pence