View Full Version : join up, conquer the world, split the spoils

10-18-2007, 06:01 PM
The Pentaho vision and architecture continually amaze me with their depth.
Kettle/PDI is unmatched in the commercial and open source domains
The XACTION concept and Design Studio are the coolest, most powerful tech things I've come across in years.In sumary, Pentaho Rocks!!! .

but ...

To some of us slower folk, JFree is great but Jasper is more feature rich and iReport is more usable than Report Designer. The Pentaho reporting solution is usable but Jasper is more so. I get the difference between the JFree minimalist table model approach and Jasper but don't see a situation where it really impacts usability or flexibility.

Why not strike a deal w/ JasperSoft, sync up development efforts, accomodate the Pentaho meta-data layer under iReport and offer some cross or joint support - the resulting stack (PDI, Pentaho Framework, Mondrian and JasperReports) would be unbeatable.

Just a thought ...