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10-31-2007, 05:58 AM
Hi, im now studying Pentaho functionalities but not yet going deeper, just started. i downloaded pentaho-demo, mysql version. once installed found that the demo use schema named 'quartz' and 'sampledata'..
my questions are:
- is the 'quartz' schema is the mandatory schema needed by Pentaho software ?
- can i create my own schema and then create a report ?
- is that the 'sampledata' only for demo purpose only ?

thanx in advance.

-- zex --

11-01-2007, 10:16 AM
Hi zex,

To answer your questions...
1. The Quartz schema is used by the PCI (Pre-configured install) for persisting the quartzs scheduling data. Without it you can't schedule through the platform for such things as bursting or email. In addition subscriptions becomes inop. This can be turned off by removing the quartz startup listener from the pentaho.xml in the solution system folder but it is not recommended.

2. Yes you can create your own database schema anywhere you like and create reports from it. If you're using a db other than what is supplied by pentaho (hypersonic or mysql) you'll need to make sure the database driver is properly installed. In either case a JNDI connection will need to be defined.

3. Sample data is only a demo.

For further technical information consult the wiki: http://wiki.pentaho.org/

Thanks for choosing Pentaho,