View Full Version : Using variables for db connections

11-29-2007, 12:00 AM
I have a DW that consists of several identically structured star-schema MySQL databases, one per customer.

When I started looking at the Metadata editor today, I didn't want to create a bunch of connections because the queries and reports rely on variables to determine with which database to connect. I saw that the connection dialogs in the Metadata editor supported variables and when I edited the startup script to define the java property, it worked fine for creating my business model using one customer then re-opening it using a different one.

My question is whether I can expect this to work when I export the metadata.xmi file to the BI server. I have been having a beast of a time trying to get the BI server configured and running properly, so I can't even try to test this business model out at the moment, but I didn't see anything in the docs mentioning whether this would be a valid use or how I would go about dynamically setting that variable from within the BI server.