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12-07-2007, 01:31 PM
I'm working with a system where our schema changes based on the configuration of a particular installation. To support this uncertainty I've written some code that can create a simple XMI file for use with the report designer.

There are a lot of fields in the XMI file that the PME created which I do not understand the purpose of. Is there any kind of schema or documentation for the purpose and possible values of the XMI file? Most of my questions are around the Description elements for each Column element. I am also having a hard time controlling the display name for columns that have been added to a business view.

I appreciate any help you can give me. I've gotten pretty far on breaking apart the PME XMI file, but really would like some help to fill in the gaps.

Thank you.

Jeff Mace

12-07-2007, 02:37 PM
Hi Jef,

XMI is actually referencing the CWM model, to be precise, our adaptation of the CWM.
We had to modify the original CWM model from omg.org slightly to make it work with the Netbeans MDR.
That is not because MDR was bad or anything, but because the CWM model was sometimes... eh... imperfect.

Anyway, here is the model we used: http://source.pentaho.org/svnroot/pentaho-metadata/trunk/cwm/PentahoCWM.xml

Besides this, if you are using Java to code in, I would personally stick to using our API to load these documents. It would make your life a bit easier.

As far as the properties are concerned, we have a reference over here: http://wiki.pentaho.org/display/studio/02.+Metadata+Properties+Reference

All the best,