View Full Version : Javascript Error : NativeNumber?

01-21-2008, 05:16 PM
i get an obscure error when i run my transform. i searched the forums, but didn't see much except that javascript errors are hard to debug without the transform... so here it is. it fails on the second javascript widget... "map paycodes & calculate totals".

one attachment is the data source file, the next is the transformation file.

any help would be nice. any advice on how to debug this myself in the future would be appreciated.

01-21-2008, 07:36 PM
for what it's worth... the culprit in my script was the 'VacationPay' variable. although it was defined as a length=9,precision=6 number in both the denormalize and javascript steps, i had to divide by 1 to get past the error. i have no idea why the system thinks it's an integer since it has a decimal with digits to the right. i tried reducing the number of decimals, reducing the number of total digits, changing 0s to 1s in the raw data... but nothing else helped. i suppose i need to retrofit all my javascript to handle this eventuality.

is there any better way to type this stuff instead of playing games with worthless division?