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02-05-2008, 09:14 PM
Dear Kettle fans,
We have to keep thinking about ways to improve usability of our software. Over the last year we’ve been knee-deep into hard-core API design work of Kettle (http://kettle.pentaho.org) and now it’s time to put usability back at the top of the agenda.
One of the first things that hits you as a new user is that often you don’t know how to create a new hop between 2 steps. Well, why don’t we tell these new users how to do it? Well we do, however, the obnoxious tips dialogs is one of the first things that people click away apparently.
OK, so we tried, now let’s try harder. Here’s what I had in mind: a user drops a second step onto the canvas and voila, a tool tip appears…
The advantage of using these tool tips is that the second your mouse leaves the tool tip area, or if you click anything or key in anything, the help tip is gone. As such, it doesn’t slow you down at all.
What other ideas do you have? Let us know and we’ll hack it in!
Until next time,

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