View Full Version : custom class and processing parameters

02-12-2008, 04:39 PM
in the implementation of the custom class GridComponent (see other forum) I have the need to be able to build the URL of the solution itself, in which i want to change the value of the "outputType" parameter to force another type of output (ex XLS instead of the default HTML);
the hyperlink in the HTML page should contain ALL parameters and their value as GET parameters, in order for the "secure filter" step no to ask for the parameters of the report/solution again.

Does any of you fellow developers have any idea how, through the API, I can access the passed parameters and values of the whole SOLUTION from within the implementation of a custom class (ComponentBase)?? Or am I using a wrong way of solving the issue?
I am pretty sure it should be possible (cf the drill-down in the jpivot), but I can not figure it out...:-(

any help is very much appreciate.... after all, I think most of us can benefit from a functional GridComponent :-)