View Full Version : Version 0.8.10: All Features on board

03-31-2008, 07:00 PM
Finally, after weeks after weeks of coding, version 0.8.10 is feature-complete. During the next weeks, we will enter a stabilization cycle fixing bugs after bugs until we can safely declare the engine ready for production use again.

Bugs we found in the 0.8.10 codeline that also exist in 0.8.9 will be fixed in both branches. When we finally reach GA-state, we will produce two releases; 0.8.9-5 to bring the fixes to the Pentaho-Platform 1.6/1.7 users, while Platform 1.8 surely switches to 0.8.10 as soon as we can get it integrated.

The feature set of this new version is impressive now.

We ship with 6 data-source-types now:

* TableModels
* Static Datasources( calling Java-Methods using reflection)
* SQL (using plain drivers
* JNDI or java-beans as source for the JDBC-connections)
* Hibernate HQL
* Kettle-Transformations
* MQL-queries (using the Pentaho-Meta-Data system)

And of course, we have some more exciting new features:

* The brand new ODF-based Unified-File-Format
* Complete End-to-End Meta-Data system integration
* A structural Meta-Data layer to make all of our elements and expressions introspectable
* Attribute-Expressions to compute Element-Attributes at runtime
* Sparkline-Elements
* CLOB support
* Complete SVG-Support using Batik
* a interactive SwingPreview (Hyperlinks for drill-down and drill-across reports)
* a greatly extended HTML-Export that allows to embed own raw-content for interactive HTML-files
* Group-wide Keep-Together and group- and report-wide styles

and as mentioned earlier in this channel:
* A re-born Report-Wizard-Core

If everything works as planned, we shall see the final release in four weeks from now.

More... (http://www.sherito.org/2008/03/31/1206995340000.html)